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Welcome! So great to connect with you here. A little bit about me so you get an idea of where I'm coming from. With over 16 years as a psychotherapist, coach & trainer, helping visionary women repattern their thoughts, emotions & habits, continues to be my passion.

I know what it's like to feel controlled by your thoughts and emotions that get triggered by things from your past that you'd thought you'd left behind.

More importantly I know what it takes to change that exhausting cycle permanently.

You are "good enough", you can create the life you truly want to live, you can love what you do and make an impact on the world without burning yourself out.

And I'm here to guide you through how to do it so you can stop wasting your time & energy and instead, understand yourself, trust yourself, and have the confidence to LIVE YOUR LIFE with freedom, purpose, and fulfillment. I'm excited for us to get started so we can talk about your successes.

See you soon!