It's Time to Stop the Anxiety Spin

The Great Anxiety RESET Super Lite EditionTM


Not ready for the full Great Anxiety Reset program yet? I get it.

And, I've got you covered. You can still change your relationship with the spin of thoughts and roller coaster of emotion that anxiety brings, with The Great Anxiety Reset Super Lite EditionTM.

This program includes 3 hypnosis recordings that are based on the core principles of the full 1:1 program, giving you 3 months of hypnotic rewiring.

***Plus for you'll also receive BONUS videos that include coping techniques to help you with managing anxiety so you can take physical action while you're rewiring those old anxiety pathways!

All for only $111.

You no longer have to wait to change your experience of anxiety. Start feeling the control, freedom and ease of a healthier relationship with anxiety. Get started now with The Great Anxiety RESET Super Lite EditionTM

You Can Change Your Experience of Anxiety

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    " I get it now! Anxiety happens. It's not about turning it off, it's about tuning in to what it's telling me. All I really needed was to change how I see anxiety, and work with it."

    L.P. from Oakville, ON