The Power of Scent & Essential Oils

Scent is one of the fastest ways to shift your mood and your energy. It is the first fully developed sense as a fetus before we are even born and it is the dominant of our senses until about the age of 10 years old.

Another cool thing about scent is that it links us to our visual sense as well. You could say that you smell something to see it.

Simply smell coffee and an image will come to mind. Think of a smell that you love and you will likely have a memory attached.

Helping Rewire Emotions

Scent is also a link to our emotions. Certain scents will perk you up when you feel down (citrus, lemon, orange), or ground you when you're feeling too overwhelmed (thieves, cinnamon, cardamom).

Some scents can inspire a feeling of healing (Eucalyptus, Wintergreen), or of being connected with nature (Pine, Northern Lights Black Spruce).

And some can uplift us to new heights of awareness or consciousness (Believe, Abundance, Energ-ee, White Angelica)

These connections are from my own experience, and when I have introduced scent in work with my clients over the years.

We've been able to create scent anchors to help people move from anxiety to calm, feeling out of body to in and grounded, from unsettled to relaxed, and more just by pairing an experience with a scent. SO POWERFUL!!!

To explore scent for yourself, I've included a couple links below.

Why Young Living?

I really love Young Living because of the quality of their oils, the energetic frequency of their oils, and ultimately their values in how they treat the land, their plants, and their people.

If you'd like to try out these oils, Click the Order My Oils Button to get started. It is a link to my Young Living Website where you can purchase oils and enroll as a member if you choose.

Because I am a Brand Member, I will receive a small commission if you decide to purchase Young Living products through my YL website.

And if you want to learn more about Young Living Oils, you can tune into the YL Drop Podcast too ~ Click Here for Podcast!

Welcome to the expansion of your senses!

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Muse Meditating Headband

Click Here for More About MUSE!

That's why I love the muse meditating headband!

When you use muse, you have a soundscape to listen to which gives your mind something to focus on, and your ears something to listen to.

As you are meditating the soundscape changes to indicate how calm, or active your mind is, by measuring your brain waves in real time.

The measurement and feedback is what helps you to retrain your brain over time to go into calmer states of mind.

I love this because as a science minded gal, I can see and track the data and pair that with how I'm feeling in my body.

And this is exactly how I've trained my clients to use muse to it's maximum potential for reducing anxiety, focusing on different thoughts, getting grounded in their bodies, and taking back control over their emotions.Muse: The Brain Sensing Headband

Clients talk about feeling a sense of understanding themselves in a way that introduces more calm and relaxation into their sense of being.

    • The self judgement falls away
    • They begin to work "with" their self instead of against yourself
    • Relationships are easier to navigate
    • Decisions become easier and faster to make
    • New situations are exciting instead of stressful
    • They become more present
    • They increase awareness of what their body is communicating

From meditation and presence, you gain self understanding, you reclaim your power to design your life.

If you'd like to check out more, click on the button below.

Because I am a muse Ambassador, if you use this link to purchase from muse, you'll receive a 10-15% discount on your purchase (and yes I will receive a small commission in return as well.)

I use it, my family uses it, my clients use it, maybe it's time for you to use muse too...

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