Welcome to the Transformation Gateway!!!

The Success-Full Life Codes is an annual Personal Growth  Membership Where we focus on building the skills, behaviours, and emotions of embodying success in your deep unconscious programming & coding so the changes are easier to apply day to day.
That means that every month, for 12 months, you will receive recorded hypnotic suggestions on a different aspect of success integration!
Each month your recording will help you clear things from your past, sink into the sensation of the present moment, lean into your next uplevel, & take the steps to get there.
All you have to do is listen to the monthly recording every day in that month.
This is essentially a personal Growth Hypnosis Club for women who want to live The Success-Full Life!!!!
*sigh* a dream come true.

Self Mastery is the challenge of transforming your self from your own worst enemy into your greatest ally.

~ Wes Fesler

Listen in to a sample prep recording about Balance...

Topics Can Include

  • The Power of Relaxation
  • Visioning Your Success-Full Life
  • Old Coding Release
  • Safe to Receive, Safe to Succeed
  • Boundaries
  • Trusting Yourself
  • Decision Making
  • Mastering¬†Emotions
  • Managing Thoughts
  • Following Intuition
  • Success in Your Bones
  • New Habit Autopilot

The Success-Full Life Codes are for you if you...

  • Love personal growth & development
  • LOVE listening to audios & podcasts
  • Want to have a consistent practice that creates deep internal transformation throughout the year
  • Are generally doing well but know it could be better or looking for a maintenance experience to keep you on track with successes you've had
  • Understand and appreciate the immense value of working at a subconscious level to break old patterns and create new ones
  • Are committed to spending at least 15 minutes/day listening to a relaxing audio recording
  • Value deepening your connection to your self & others, while quenching your thirst for ongoing growth

The Success-Full Life Codes are NOT for you if you...

  • Require professional therapeutic/clinical support
  • Have a diagnosis of Schizophrenia, Bi-polar or Borderline Personality as the recordings can elicit states that are unsafe to those with these diagnoses
  • Are looking for 1:1 support
  • Experience consistent states of recurring crisis
  • Have never done personal growth work before
  • Are not open to change, upleveling, transformation, or embodying the experience of success

The Success-Full Life Codes FAQ's

Q: What is hypnotic suggestion anyway?

A: Hypnotic suggestion is the practice of relaxing into your unconscious mind (not to be confused with going unconscious) for the purpose of changing the patterns and programs that no longer work for you. It is a state of deep relaxation while listening to verbal suggestions for change.

Q: Do the recordings have music or other sounds in the background?

A: There is no music or additional background sounds in the recordings. Music and sounds carry memory for people and I have no way of knowing if those memories are good, bad or otherwise, so there are no sounds other than the sound of my voice in the recordings so that we avoid any unintentional triggers.

Q: Will I have access to all the recordings at once?

A: No. Each month builds on the previous month so that you are consistently building skills and developing in a progressive way throughout the year.

Q: How will I receive the recordings?

A: You will receive access to our membership portal where each monthly topic recording will be released.

Q: Is there any additional support for questions about the recording for the month?

A: Yes, you can submit your questions to be answered in the monthly group coaching call. You will also receive 2 additional emails with reflection questions to stimulate slightly deeper insight should you desire.

Q: What if I change my mind, what is your refund policy?

A: We operate on a monthly payment plan so that if you wish to cancel your subscription please give 30 days notice so we can remove you from the system. If you cancel your subscription you will also lose access to your materials. Should you decide to rejoin the subscription at a later date you will start from the beginning again as we cannot maintain your portal once you cancel.