It's Time to Kick That Old Way of Being to the Curb

A Pattern is What You Do It Isn't Who You Are

It's how you make decisions, or don't make decisions.
Or how you overanalyze or overthink instead of stepping into the moment with presence & awareness.
It's how you stay silent when you have something to contribute that matters to you instead of speaking up with confidence
You want to be confident stand up for yourself, have better boundaries, or communicate better?
These are all patterns that as humans, we pick up from our experiences, but that doesn't mean they help us live a fulfilled life.

In fact, those patterns 👆 actually create way more trouble, and if you're here looking for solutions, you know exactly what I mean.

And you know something has to change...

The Pattern Reset SystemTM was designed to help you with that exact change.

In this program we...

  • Identify your current pattern, how it's helping and how it's hurting your life
  • Declare how you would rather be or what you would rather have in your life instead
  • Name your most important life drivers that motivate you to take action in different areas of your life
  • Repattern behaviours, thoughts and states from stuck and problematic to generative and healthy

Bottom line is you're done trying to do it on your own and are ready to move forward.

I get it. I've been there. I know that in my 15 years of practice in Psychotherapy, Hypnosis, NLP, & Coaching, & Training, I can teach you how to shift that stuck way of being to create a new more aligned way of living life.

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"Now, I'm one of those women who know what to say because I know who I am." M.T., CA

Once You Know Who You Are, You Decide Who You Want to BECOME

The Pattern Reset System

You have many ways of being that you have taken on because they worked for you, but you didn't choose those ways of being.
In this experiential program we clear out the programmed ways of being that are misaligned to who you truly are and embrace the programming that fits. 
We'll clear out unfinished lingering past experiences, assess your values and beliefs about self in order to shift how you see yourself.
You'll learn how to...
  • create and set boundaries
  • identify your values
  • understand your patterns and wiring
  • trust your intuition
  • become a confident decision maker
  • amplify your mind/body/spirit connection
Work directly with me in this 14 week experiential program for professional or service based entrepreneurial women who are serious about living their life to the fullest.
Paid in full: $3500 
Payment plan available: 4 monthly payments of $875

This is the exact system that I used to shift from being the person my family thought I should be, to being the person I knew I was inside, living the life I dreamed of living.

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"I didn't know I could feel this excited about my life!" ~C.L., CA