Welcome to the Life Aligned EliteTM Program! It's time to Uplevel and Amplify Your Frequency

Up-leveling and amplifying your frequency, requires time and commitment to becoming who you want to be.
That's why we created the Life Aligned EliteTM Program.
This unique customized program is for you because you...
Know you are meant for more, and have decided to go for it.
Are frustrated and done with living life as you have been.
Have a spark inside you that calls for you to feed the fire of your life.
But you've been afraid, felt alone, or overwhelmed by all that could be.
How would you even begin to get there from where you are now?
That's were your personal Activated AdvisorTM is trained to guide you through your full year of transformation.
This is the Life Aligned EliteTM Program
And if this is music to your ears, then you have found us for a reason.

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Transformation in 1 Part of Life = Transformation in Your Whole Life

You are energy and energy channeled into intentional action, creates our life.
And yet, you don't have the life you want. What happened?
Well, you see, you've been creating your life either out of alignment with who you are, or without intention.
When that happens, we end up in a life that is the opposite of by design, and end up in a life by default. Yuck!!!
Now that you are done settling for a mediocre life, you are ready to create the life you've envisioned and longed for.
The life you know, deep down, is meant for you.
All the while, deepening your connection to yourself and others, and quenching your thirst for ongoing learning.

"I know I said I had anxiety when I started, but now, I don't think that's what it was at all! I think I was just totally out of balance and out of touch with who I am." ~L. C., Burlington
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The Life Aligned EliteTM Program is for you because...

Deep down you are an ambitious driven woman but you feel blocked.
You stop yourself from living your greatness because of your past experiences.
Looking at your past, you take responsibility for your choices, but you don't know what to do with it.
You prefer when people give you honest objective feedback, because then you get to improve.
Willing to learn, coachable, and intuitive are words that describe you and you want to harness & amplify those skills.

Life Aligned EliteTM

What can you accomplish in 1 year?
Who could you become?
Anyone you want to BE.
We would be honoured to guide you to be your authentic, fully aligned Activated You!
We're so excited for you!!!
During this energizing experience you will have:
- All the transformational benefits of the 3 month Becoming ActivatedTM Program
- Plus 9 months of the Life AlignedTM Program
- 9 Monthly Virtual Masterclasses
- And 3 Online Programs 
This is your chance, to up-level & amplify You, your frequency & your life.
Your financial investment for this customized focus on you is
For an entire year of your custom tailored transformation!
Yes, payment plans are available to help you take part in this opportunity to get what you need.
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"I didn't know I could feel this excited about my life!" ~C.L., Oakville