Welcome to Becoming Activated

Imagine removing all the gunk in your mind and heart from your past...
Can you grasp what that would feel like?
To hear the calm in your head when all that is gone?
Once you learn how it works, then, you create your self as you have always wanted to be.  Feel, and hear the words of excited encouragement coming from within you automatically!
What would that be worth to you, to your kids, to your family, to your contribution to making the world a better place?
It’s priceless, isn’t it?! It’s everything.
And that, is exactly what happens during Becoming ActivatedTM

Firsr, we'll identify the things that held you back; your thoughts, habits, feelings, without reliving the emotional pain of when these were created.
Next, through the power of mind/body/spirit integration techniques, we will get to the root of these pieces in the unconscious mind.
Then we will rewire those old patterns into the new ones with new conscious choices, so you get...

As a result of experiencing Becoming ActivatedTM you will be able to:
  • Identify your blocks at the root
  • Release the pain of the past
  • Get clear on who you want to be and the life you want to have
  • Integrate all the different parts of your self
  • Rewire your neurology for the life you want to live
And the experience is so fast, so relaxing and so cutting edge that modern quantum science is only now able to explain how it works.
The Becoming ActivatedTM program is a customized experience that teaches you to nurture the seeds of your soul to grow into your best self.
You are ready. Now is the time.
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Becoming ActivatedTM means that you can...

  • Resolve a significant hurt or event from the past
  • Eliminate a fear that’s been holding you back
    • Make better decisions faster
    • Trust Your Self
    • Increase your confidence or sense of empowerment
    • Achieve Your Goals
    • Increase your intuition and communication skills
    In order to get the results you want, it’s all up to you.
    Make the Decision, Commit to the Process, and Take Action Towards Your Goals!

      Rediscover your Self & create a life you Love.

      The Excuses End Here

      Understand what you're made of, choose who you want to be.

      Becoming ActivatedTM

      3 months of customized transformation to get you on your path... And stay there.
      During this engaging experience you will:
      - Experience weekly, 1-1  sessions with Kimberly to identify, assess, change, and transform your patterns, behaviours, thoughts & feelings
      - Your sessions will include a combination of assessment, Hypnosis, Time Line Therapy, and Neuro Linguistic (Re)Programming (NLP) and other modalities customized to your needs
      - Email Support to share wins or receive quick tips between sessions

      It's time to elevate your frequency, by Becoming ActivatedTM
      Your financial investment for your transformative growth jumpstart is
      3 payments of $999
      1 payment of $2,997
      You are ready!
      Connect with me for your introductory consultation.
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      You already know that change is possible, or you wouldn't be here.
      Stop trying to do it alone.
      You are ready to step out of the shadows and into the spotlight of your life.
      So let's do it!
      Like M.V. from Burlington who shared,
      "Every week that we meet, my list of problems is shorter than the last week!"
      P.T. from Oakville,
      "Every time we have a conversation, I get back on track and am ready to go again."
      C.L. from Grimsby, who shared,
      "I didn't realize this depth of change could happen so quickly!"

      There has never been a better time for you to create yourself as you want to be. Connect with Kimberly to start your Becoming ActivatedTM journey today.

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