Why Psychotherapy?

Because you…
Need someone to listen, really listen, to you.
Wish someone would “get” you.
Are tired of feeling the pressure, the stress, the anxiety, the frustration.
Want to make a change you just don’t know how to do it …yet.

Connecting one to one with someone who is there to be present for you, helps you understand yourself from a place of strength and empowerment, and can travel with you to bring light to the deep dark places of your heart; that is what psychotherapy is about.

It is about exploring who you are, why you do what you do, and how to be who you want to be.

If this is what you are looking for, then psychotherapy is the path you want to take.

Don’t worry about what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive and do that. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.

– Howard Thurman

How psychotherapy can help you…

Clients just like you have come into session feeling stressed, anxious, confused about who they are, and what they are doing in their life.

But after we meet a couple times they begin to see themselves as who they really are.

They talk about feeling a sense of understanding themselves in a way that introduces more calm and relaxation into their sense of being.

They begin to see how their strengths shine through in their hardest moments and they watch as their true nature becomes free to emerge.

The benefit of this self understanding is that…

  • The self judgement falls away
  • You begin to work “with” your self instead of against yourself
  • Relationships are easier to navigate
  • Decisions become easier and faster to make
  • New situations are exciting instead of stressful
  • You become aware of what you need and what is important to you
  • You increase awareness of what your body is communicating to you so you can make better choices

From self understanding, you reclaim your power to design your life.

The focus of psychotherapy

The focus in session is on your goals, your challenges, and what you want to address.

We explore together the pieces of your life that feel out of balance so we can create a plan for integrating those parts of the self that have been lost, forgotten or destroyed. Since balance and integration are such important parts of living a healthy life, we look at all the pieces of what’s happening for you. This includes, relationships, career life, physical health, and existential beliefs and spiritual practices.

People come into therapy with me to address the following issues. For each focus there is a specific protocol designed to improve your understanding, introduce you to new skills, and guide you to integrate those skills into your life.

Depending on where you are in your journey, your protocol may take between 3 -6 months and range in fee from $1887 to $6000.

What is your wellness worth to you in time, money & energy when these are the symptoms?

  • Stress
  • Overwhelm
  • Lack of Confidence
  • Low Self-esteem
  • Past Abuse
  • Relationships
  • Parenting
  • Anxiety
  • Feeling Stuck
  • Anger
  • Indecision
  • Meaning or Purpose Focus
  • Energy Sensitivities

This isn’t always a painless process. Growth takes energy, motivation and time. That’s why I’m here to walk with you on your path, guide you when you feel stuck or lost, and provide a framework for understanding your self.

You Are Ready

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