What is a Life AlignedTM?

Imagine all the parts of your life working in harmony?
Feeling like you are on track and living your purpose?
Able to maintain the gains you've worked hard to achieve in your life?
And knowing that you have someone in your corner guiding you when you seem to be off track.
This is the Life AlignedTM Program
And if this sounds good to you, then you have found us for a reason.

Personal, Relational, Professional, and Spiritual Self

You were designed to create a life based on who you are on the inside, rather than being who you are because you had a life.
There's always been a deeper part of you that has longed to be more creative, have your own business, be a leader, or follow a big vision for your future.
You've known that you are meant for more. To Be More, Do More, and Have More.
You've been in the self help, the coaching, the counselling route, and personal growth and you are good friends, but now you want something different.
You want a consultant or an advisor who gets you, and can keep you on the right track, boost you up when you're feeling low, and give you practical tools and suggestions to navigate the changes that arise on the journey to your beautiful life.
All the while, deepening your connection to yourself and others, and quenching your thirst for ongoing learning.

"This is the program, I wish I'd had 3 years ago!" ~J.T., Oakville

The Life AlignedTM Program is for you because...

You are a woman who has a passion inside you that wants to come out.
You want someone in your corner to help keep you on track; someone to remind you of how far you've already journeyed.
Sometimes the ideas are so big you need someone to help you sort out how to make them happen.
You prefer when people give you honest objective feedback, because then you get to improve.
You like to have tools you can use easily and immediately for long term results.

Life Aligned in 6TM

6 fabulous months of customized meaningful connection to keep you on your path.
I'm so excited for you!!!
During this energizing experience you will have:
- Up to 90 minutes a month 1-1 connecting time with Kimberly to focus on your needs
- 6 Virtual Masterclasses to deepen your skill level with key mindset tools & strategies
- Access to 2 online programs that will give you core processes for resolving past events and owning your personal power
Elevate Your Frequency,  Get your Life Aligned in 6TM
Your financial investment for this customized focus on you is               $2982 +HST
Yes, payment plans are available to help you take part in this opportunity to get what you need.
Connect with Kimberly for your application consultation.
"I feel so pumped, up and sure of myself. I'm so excited to go do this! Is this what being aligned and activated feels like?!" ~K.B., Oakville

Life Aligned for 12TM

You understand the value of investing in yourself, in ongoing personal growth, in coaching and mentorship.
But you're looking to elevate your whole life, not just your business , or relationships, or spiritual focus, or your beliefs.
All of it!
Find the key to your success hidden inside yourself.
- All the pieces of Life Aligned in 6TM but for 12 whole months!
- Plus attend 6 additional months of Masterclasses and
- Virtual training in Self Hypnosis to rewire your own habits, beliefs, and actions!
Gain and maintain your high vibe life.
Your financial investment for this outstanding program is                   $5964 +HST
Of course payment plans are available to help you access this unique program.
Connect with Kimberly for your application consultation.