What is Hypnosis?

How would you like to change a habit?

Make it easier to do something you have to do?

Become more relaxed?

If you answered, “YES”, this is the tool for you.

Spend some time with your unconscious mind.

Sit back and relax, and in the process, rewire your brain.

Now, don’t be fooled. Just because we work with the unconscious mind, doesn’t mean you are unconscious!

It simply means you are calm… and deeply relaxed… Hypnotherapy-Kimberly-Pereira

So, forget about what you think you know about hypnosis from hypnotist shows, movies, or the woo woo spiritualists, this is something completely different.

It’s the difference, that makes the difference.

“Hypnosis is one of the most relaxing ways to create deep, lasting change.”

When in a hypnotic state you have 10,000 times more focus than in a regular waking state!

Because of this intense amount of focus, Hypnosis has been successfully used for…

  • medication free labour and delivery
  • relieving chronic pain
  • treating phobias & anxiety
  • weight optimization
  • relaxation & sleep onset
  • and the list goes on and on!!
    Why isn’t everybody doing this?!
    And it isn’t that some people can be hypnotized and others can’t. Everyone can be hypnotized as long as your unconscious mind’s criteria are met.

    You know you want to try it …

    Connect with me to set up your Discovery Session and let’s begin changing your mind, according to your design.

    Connect with me to get your experience started!

    Hypnosis is ideal for the following issues:

    Self confidence, Self esteem, Self worth,
    Anxiety, Stress, Indecision, Sleep
    Empowerment, Motivation, Weight Optimization,
    Self & higher self hypnosis training
    Sessions are 3+ hours long, depending on the issue being addressed.
    An initial assessment is mandatory before a session to ensure your experience is fully customized.

    MUSE Meditation:

    You understand the benefits of meditation.
    Have you struggled to keep your mind still?
    Not sure you can get to the place where meditation is effective?

    Then this is the program for you.
    Did you know that before Hypnosis could be practiced openly, it was called “Guided Meditation”?

    There is an important reason why.

    Come learn all about the links between hypnosis and meditation as you take back your mind through this revolutionary, learn to meditate effectively program.

    $747 +HST includes your own personal MUSE brain sensing technology headband, 6 week program and meditation accountability for maximum results.

    Everyone can meditate, you just need the right support, and the right tools.

    Connect with me today to register for the next session.
    (Out of the GTA, all good! Inquire about our virtual program, coming soon!)


    Relax, Refocus, RewireTM: Self & Higher Self Hypnosis

    This amazing weekend experience, will change the way you look at your thoughts, and your mind.

    Take part in this live relaxation event that will take you to new heights of understanding your mind, your body, your spirit, and how they actually work together.

    By the end of this weekend experience you will be able to:

    – Walk yourself into hypnosis when you want

    – Understand the power of suggestions and how to use them

    – utilize the power of your mind movies and pictures in your head to create yourself the way you want to be!

    Hypnosis gives you 10,000 x’s more focus. What will you do with that level of efficiency?

    Elevate Your Frequency, Activate Your Brilliance
    See you there!

    See the Events page for upcoming dates & Registration details.

    Activated HypnotherapyTM: Krasner Method

    Are you ready to uplevel your professional practice?

    Have you heard how hypnosis elevates client experience and results?

    Are you looking for the key to success?

    Then this is a great place to start!

    Through this designation training, you will learn:

    – Hypnosis Foundations
    – Standards & Ethics
    – Key Protocols for Weight Optimization, Smoking Cessation & Pain Control!

    On successful completion, you will be eligible for designation as a Hypnotherapy Practitioner with the American Board of Hypnotherapy.

    Come join in a training so fun, and relaxing you’ll wonder why you didn’t do it sooner!

    Connect with me today to register for the upcoming Session.

    You Are Ready!

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    Let's Activate Your Brilliance, Together!