Before I became a therapist or a coach, I flew across the country training executives how to use the internet for management recruiting. After every flight, my colleagues would ask whose life story I had heard on the flight because inevitably, the person beside me would share so much about who they were.

I’ve always been the trusted, go to confidante of friends, colleagues and clients, so I decided to train professionally in the most effective, efficient, and fun modalities to help people make sense of their thoughts, feelings, and actions.

I love the science and magic of what the mind, body, heart & soul can achieve when we are aware of who we are. Then we can become whole and aligned instead of fragmented.

So along the way, I have continued to hone my expertise to stay on the leading edge of transforming consciousness.

What my clients know is that I’ve lived my learning. I’m human too. The processes I facilitate, and train are methods, I have and continue to use myself for my own growth.

Activated Global is about how we become fully human, from who we are within.

Awareness, Acceptance, Empowerment, Choice, Communication, Change.  These are the principles that guide the processes that I train and use at Activated Global, and they are the values that I personally live.

I can’t wait to share these with you and guide you on YOUR JOURNEY to becoming ACTIVATED.

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Academic Background

I have been a Registered Psychotherapist (RP) and Canadian Certified Counsellor (CCC) practicing client-centered therapy since 2006. My formal background includes a Bachelor Degree (Honours) in Psychology from Brock University, and a Masters of Education, in Counselling Psychology from the University of Western Ontario.

When you work with me you are receiving the culmination of my 15+ years of learning and experience in psychology, psychotherapy, NLP coaching, hypnotherapy, & training in a way that is customized to your needs. Truly a gift worth giving to your self.

I have also completed Clinical Supervision Training for Practitioners, however am not currently accepting supervisees at this time. Feel free to connect once you have completed your designations for alternative growth opportunities.

M. Ed. – Masters of Education in Counselling Psychology (University of Western Ontario)
RP – Registered Psychotherapist (College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario)
CCC – Canadian Certified Counsellor (Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association)
TNLP & MNLP – Trainer of Neuro Linguistic Programming & Master NLP Coach (The American Board of NLP)
MTLT – Master Time Line Therapy™ Practitioner (Time Line Therapy™ Association)
TCHt – Registered and Certified Trainer & Master Hypnotherapist (American Board of Hypnotherapy)
Plus, I have experience with Reiki, martial arts, existentialism, spiritual practices, and energy sensitivities, and always integrate client beliefs into their personal growth.

Published Research & Academic Publications

Part of practicing therapy is to know the foundation on which the therapeutic techniques are based. As part of building my foundation I have conducted and published research regarding women in transition, and spirituality, and completed research on the study of forgiveness.

Sharing research findings is an exciting part of being a professional practitioner. Over the years I have had the privilege to present research at the Canadian Psychological Association conferences, and university conferences, including Laurier and Brock. I have also sat on book review forums, most notably for Dr. Harry Hunt’s book Lives in Spirit.

If you are curious about any of these aspects of my experience, I invite you to contact me further to chat.

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