"As The Consultants Confidante, I help purpose driven female professionals, consultants & coaches break free of their secret Imposter self doubt, so they can enjoy the successful life they've worked so hard to create." ~ Kimberly Pereira

  • Are you a female professional, consultant, or coach who is achieving great results with clients, people are asking you for more, but you question why? There's nothing special about me...
  • Do you get passionate about the people you serve, but struggle with taking the next step to uplevel your business.
  • Maybe you have trouble knowing if it's you or the people around you that are struggling with understanding communication sometimes.
  • You want to celebrate your success instead of jumping directly to the next task.
    • You are ready to Break Free of Imposter thoughts and feelings so you can move forward with Confidence, Excitement and Ease.
    "I didn't know I could feel this excited about my life!"  ~C.L., Canada

    Fulfill Your Dreams of Having It All and Enjoying It


    Pinpoint the key patterns, thoughts and beliefs that contribute to Imposter experiences quickly, easily & without having to relive your past.


    Create simple, easy, applicable personal safety & empowerment strategies to target the gaps bringing your beliefs and actions into alignment.


    Implement & repeat with support, the strategies to safely & totally own your successes, accept confidently your accomplishments & value and enjoy the successful life YOU ARE CREATING.

    Slide Do Something Today

    That Your Future Self Will

    Thank You For.

    Over the last 12+ years as a psychotherapist, coach & trainer, I have guided professionals, coaches & consultants to break free of the self doubt and imposter feelings that kept them stuck.

    Whenever I would hire a coach, consultant or professional to help me with my business growth, inevitably they would become my client!

    Why? Because they needed another woman professional who they could seek advice from and confide in about their own self confidence, personal relationships, or business growth, without worrying about not showing up as the expert.

    That's when I realized that female Professionals, Consultants, & Coaches need a Confidante too.

    So I've combined my training, skills and experience to become The Consultants Confidante.

    Together we will form an alliance of personal support so you can become the master of presence, ease and flow to materialize a life you love. 

    I'm so excited to join you on your journey as your confidante!

    "It was so refreshing to have someone  I could talk to about my business, my family and me, in the same conversation, and I have takeaways I can do in each area!" ~ C.T., USA

    "I know my stuff when it comes to clients, but working with Kimberly took me and my skills to the next level."
    ~ L.S., UK

    Three Easy Steps to Enjoyment

    • Awareness

      Identify your communication defaults, internal wiring, patterns & triggers.

    • Evaluation

      Getting to know your specific version of Imposter, self doubt or anxiety and what you want instead.

    • Embody Your Vision

      Together we design the specific actions & accountability you need to truly live your successes.

    Focus on You So You Can Keep Growing

    Of course you know all about mindset, you guide clients and the people in your world every day, but you need someone to give you objective feedback, be a sounding board, and share your true feelings, even if they are about doubting yourself or feeling like an imposter.

    You know the value and importance of investing in your self. The ROI on self development is 100x your investment. The people in your world are worth that and more importantly, so are you.

    I will hold the space for your vision, until you truly know you are already creating it.

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