Sep 12 2018


6:30 pm - 8:00 pm



Rescuer-Goddess Relief (4 week Virtual Group Coaching)

“I have a great job, a beautiful family, a great life. I should be happy, I should be grateful and all I know is that on the inside, something isn’t right.”

You are the expert at keeping it all together EXCEPT…

You feel like you don’t know how much longer you can manage all the pieces.

You hear yourself yelling at the kids and snapping at your spouse.

You are tired of watching how precarious the balancing act is and waiting for it to fall.

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You are a Rescuer-Goddess and you need a break and likely some extra tools!

  • Create a feeling of space by getting rid of the toxic drains

  • Hear your own confident voice setting boundaries on your time

  • Envision a new picture of your life where everything fits and flows beautifully

  • Re-experience the inner power that brought you this far

Join Kimberly, Quantum Activation CoachTM NLP & Hypnosis Trainer & Psychotherapist, for a transformative

4 weeks of virtual group coaching, full of simple & powerful techniques, tools & experiences to lighten your load and shift how you see your life and relationships.

Give the Rescuer-Goddess in you a break!

There is a way you can do it “right” and have it all!

**Beginning September 12, 6:30-8 pm** 

Early Bird $197+HST till August 31st

Regularly $397

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