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Activated HypnotherapyTM Training

Activated HypnotherapyTM Training

You are a Health, Wellness, or Energy Practitioner and You’ve heard of hypnotherapy; maybe even tried it. Now you can bring it into your practice!

– What would it be like for your clients, to be able to move past their limitations to achieve their goals?

– How would it feel as a practitioner, to be able to guide your clients to follow their protocols easily and effortlessly?

– How much could you increase your efficacy and impact if you had the tools that made all the difference?


Well you’ve tried everything else…, Now try what works!

Few people really understand what hypnosis is.

It is literally retraining your brain, your mind, to do what you want it to do, through experiencing deep relaxation. What a great way to learn!

Guide your clients through their personal work with

  • more calm

  • better control over their thoughts

  • reduce the intensity of their negative emotions

  • AND… Increase their overall wellbeing and wholeness!!

Plus, the more active their thoughts are, the better hypnosis works, which means the better their mind learns how to be well and healthy, even when they are focusing on something else!!!

This is the key you’ve been looking for. Bring Hypnotherapy into your practice for the difference that makes the difference.

You will learn 3 specific protocols using the Al Krasner method of hypnotherapy:

  1. Smoking Cessation

  2. Weight Optimization

  3. Pain Control

Plus, this is an experiential course, which means, you will learn by doing. You get to experience hypnosis as you are learning to guide clients through hypnosis!

*Upon completion of this program, graduates are eligible for designation as a Hypnotherapist with the American Board of Hypnotherapy.

Course fee: $2397 +HST

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