You Are a Force!


There is a lovely saying, and I’m not sure of the exact origin, but it goes like this, “The only thing good has to do for evil to win, is nothing.” I want that to stick with you because that means that even the slightest good thing you think, do or say can have a positive impact on yourself and those in your life. You are a force! But you’ve likely forgotten about that with all the day to day grinding against your heart and spirit.


One of the things that amazes me time and time again is how we regularly underestimate the impact we have on the world. I want to walk you through some different ways to remember the enormity of your significance.


Atomic change, butterfly wings and hurricanes.

You are important because you simply exist. It’s a lovely little sentiment that we hear often and has lost some of it’s “Oomph!” over time.

Perhaps some of you have heard of the Butterfly effect? It is part of chaos theory in science, put forward by Edward Lorenz. The short premise of this theory known by most, is that a butterfly flapping it’s wings in one part of the world can cause a hurricane on the other side of the earth. untitled (30)

What?! That tiny butterfly flapping it’s wings created a hurricane and it was so far away?! What did that butterfly eat? But what Lorenz was on to, was that he couldn’t predict certain events because there was always some small factor or variable that would throw off his calculations. Talk about influence!

The Butterfly effect, however, is a significant part of understanding that it is the smallest of actions that can alter the largest of phenomenon. Small equals mighty! I see many people who adopt the butterfly as their symbol because of it’s amazing capacity to transform from caterpillar to flying beauty, but also because of the Butterfly Effect symbolism. The smallest action can alter the world in big ways.


Speaking of transformation…

Another great example of our small but mighty existence and our capacity for immense transformation comes from quantum physics.  In a series of experiments that I won’t bore you with the details of, researchers found that simply watching waves of energy, caused the waves to materialize into a particle, an actual piece of physical matter. A wave into a particle of matter by untitled (36)observation? Now that is the power of mind over matter!  The researchers found that the reverse was also true. If they placed a particle under observation it could transform back to a wave just with observation. The main variable, according to the researchers, was the presence of a thoughtful observer that could create a thought that would create the transformation. The possibilities of this reality have huge implications for what we as humans are capable of.

This point is so important because it means that at the simplest level, the fact that you exist, has a huge impact on the existence and behaviour of everything. We are made up of innumerable particles, which can change to waves of energy and back again by our own observation, by our very thoughts! That’s a huge force. So the adage is true, scientifically and spiritually you are significant just by existing, and yes you are re-creating your self every moment you are alive. You create objects out of thin air! You are energy. Hello, Amazing!



Deepak Chopra’s shared that in the future, if we continue to learn about and harness our potential for transformation, we could change our eye colour simply by thinking about it. Why not? Anything is possible at this point, and new discoveries are made every day.


Now, just because you are a force, doesn’t mean you treat yourself that way, or that anyone else does. Consider how you talk to the amazing you, and how you let other people talk to the fantastic force you are. Are you living to your potential or do you spend your time in fear? Do you actively create your life, or are you a passive participant allowing life to create you? Perhaps it’s time to treat our selves and others as the amazing beings we are. Remember you are a force, and that deserves your respect and the respect of others. Remember also, that other people are a force as well and equally deserve your respect.


We are all energy, so let’s create some light in this world together!

All the best, Kimberly

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