Vision Boarding Success

Happy New Year Everyone!

Ah the New Year… A time of new years resolutions, starting fresh, dreaming big dreams and setting goals. Oh the possibilities a new year brings.

There are many tools available to you as you set out on your quest to make this your best year yet, and you’ve likely come across several of them each year.

One of the tools that I find is getting more attention this year than in the past, is the construction of the “Vision Board”. There are numerous people offering vision board creation groups where people get together and cut out magazine pictures that show what they would like to bring into their world in the upcoming year and beyond.

It is a fun tool that has a lot of merit in the experience as long as there is also some process to set you up. Before you start clipping pics and slogans, you need to know why you are completing the vision board (big picture dreams for the future for your brain), how to use it (with some specific action steps that follow it’s creation), and what to put on it (not everyone has the same dreams, make sure yours are yours).

1) Why Create a Vision Board: Well for those of you who have worked with me before, you know how much I adore the unconscious mind. And it is ultimately for the unconscious mind, that we create vision boards. By having a representation of our biggest hopes and aspirations for our year, hanging in a place we see it often, reminds the unconscious mind (our goal getter), what we have chosen to achieve with our conscious mind (our goal setter). Remember, the unconscious mind works best with symbols, pictures, and simple words, so a vision board is a fabulous continuous reminder to the unconscious mind, what we are focusing on during the year.

2) How to Use a Vision Board: While the creation is the fun part, Vision Boarding, doesn’t stop there! The whole purpose is to set the bigger intentions, which we then break down into action steps that get us to fulfill our vision. Once you have your vision board, that’s when the fun part happens… Doing stuff!! The sooner you identify and begin your action steps within the week after completing your board, the more likely you are to achieve your vision. You see, that unconscious mind of yours, needs to know that
a. You’re seriously committed to achieving this vision &
b. That you’re willing to invest the time, $ & energy to get there
So the faster you pair the action with the vision, the unconscious mind can then link the two in your brain so that the unconscious mind (the goal getter) goes to work for you on that vision. Making it easier to continue actioning faster.

3) What to Put On Your Board: So here’s the thing… Lots of people get caught up in the moment of creation when surrounded by others, to the point where they end up with a board that doesn’t reflect what they want, but what other people wanted for them. A good Vision Board workshop host, will walk you through an experiential activity that connects you with what is important to you to focus on in the year ahead. It will also highlight for you, the different areas for vision boarding magic: Personal, Relationship, Financial, & Business/Career in this order (for those of you who are spiritual, spiritual goals are a component I include in each of these areas). Although you could create individual vision boards for each of the 4 areas, if you are creating one, you want to ensure that each of these are represented in the grand vision. Checking in with your self will help you create a vision of what you truly want.

I hope you consider creating a vision board for your goals and dreams this year, and more important than that, I really hope you start taking action towards your vision as fast as possible.

Remember that action is the bridge between ideas and reality. If you’re looking for ways to start taking action, including adding some accountability in your process, hop on over to the Events page to see what supports are available to you and get ready to Activate Your Brilliance!