Making Peace with Time

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It was Gandalf the Grey from “The Lord of the Rings” movie that said, “A wizard is never late; He arrives precisely when he means to.”

The first time I heard that line I leapt for joy! Though not a wizard, here was a perspective on punctuality that I could live with. Other than being born a day earlier than expected, my life hasĀ been a series of, hurry up, we’re late, be quick, we’re running late, late, late late! The funny thing is, other than my anxiety or shame at being “late” it was never a big deal. Sometimes it was even a blessing; “If we had been five minutes earlier, that could have been us in that accident.”

I’m not late for important things where people are really counting on me, like weddings or significant appointments when “time is of the essence”, but overall, I arrive precisely when the universal flow seems to decide it’s the right time. For example, when I try to arrive somewhere early, I get stuck in traffic and end up late anyway. If I leave late and I’m meant to be on time, either traffic is great or the person I was meeting is running late! It all works out fine in the end.

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The universal flow knows everything, including when it is the right time. I just have to do my best at being on time, intend and act respectfully in all things and calmly trust that somehow, whether I know it or not, I’m going with the flow and I will arrive precisely when I “need” to.

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