Integration in Motion

New Inspiration!

In an effort to practice what I promote to the people I walk this journey with, I have moved my office into a martial arts Dojo.

That’s right, a karate dojo in fact. The Classical Martial Arts Centre has been my own self-development ground for almost a decade and now it is my professional home as well. This move is the next step in evolving my practice and myself, towards offering a whole, integrated practice to those who seek it.

While my forte is in counselling/therapy, understanding relational dynamics and spiritual energy, I have always recognized the importance of integrating the body. With this new location integration begins at the next level.

In our community, beings train their bodies in karate, tai chi, and fitness; we have a holistic nutritionist on site who provides real food options for those looking to attend to what goes into the body, and I help people integrate these pieces with their thoughts, feelings, and energy.

All of us in this collaborative community work from the same theoretical base; the importance of a personal practice that is the integrative glue that holds us together.

There is no life without breath.

Come see how we can help you towards wholeness and health.

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