Increase Your Impact with Hypnosis – New Date September 24-27th!!

Earn your Hypnotherapy Certification Starting Now, with live training September 24-27th, 2019 in Oakville, Ontario

You are a professional who cares about your clients and wants to hear them getting the results they can see.

But we know the challenges…

1. Clients don’t always follow through to do the work

2. They have beliefs that stop them

3. They make decisions we don’t understand

4. They don’t believe in themselves

Now you can have a technique in your professional toolkit that helps your clients, to help themselves.

By guiding your clients to make changes at the root of where their challenges exist, that…

Doesn’t require you to be a traditional “therapist”

Doesn’t require you to change what you are already good at

DOES give you a coaching tool to incorporate into your current work that enables you to…

  • help your clients at a deeper level
  • create lasting change and
  • use a smoother natural road to get there


I can only accept 9 participants in this exclusive training, where you will become certified to use hypnosis with clients, safely and effectively.

This 8 week program is available for $2,347 +HST for a skill that provides immeasurable value to your practice.

Learn to harness the power of your own mind, understand how the mind actually works, and receive guidance on how to incorporate hypnosis into your current professional practice.

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Kimberly has been a Registered Psychotherapist for over 12 years, is a Certified Canadian Counsellor, NLP & Hypnotherapy Trainer & Coach, is a published author and has been featured on CogecoTV & the Nikki Clarke show.

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Kimberly Pereira is the Founder/Owner of Activate Your Brilliance & 4 Tribes West Self-Development Centre.


Kimberly Pereira is a Psychotherapist, Coach, Trainer, Entrepreneur, & published academic author on women coping through transitions. An experienced practitioner in trauma informed work, relational dynamics, communication, and techniques focusing on the unconscious mind including rapport, hypnosis, meditation, nlp & time line therapy. She maintains a thriving professional practice and training organization in Oakville, and often speaks for local groups, introducing them to the power of their mind.