I Have a Confession…


I have a confession to make. I have been cheating on Psychotherapy. I know, I know… I’ve been formally trained, in the field for 10 years and I’m damn good at it, and that’s how this fabulous indiscretion occurred.


You see, as much as I truly love the field of therapy of the mind/soul, I kept coming up against limitations. I wasn’t satisfied with seeing people for years in order for them to sort out their emotional stuff. I wasn’t satisfied with hearing people dive into their painful stories in order to relearn how painful their experiences had been, or relive the emotions through the story. I wasn’t satisfied with feeling their frustration with themselves when they kept reliving the patterns again, even though they truly did not want to repeat the same choices from the past.

So I did it. I cheated on psychotherapy, with what I believe is the wave of the future.

My whole career has been about the pursuance of body/mind/spirit integration,embrace change and how to achieve it in the most efficient way possible. Because I believe that we are all capable of so much more than what we are living, RIGHT NOW! The new research generated from the fields of neuro-biology-psychology and quantum physics, in combination with the ancient research from Chinese medicine, and the ancient mystery schools, plus, plus, plus, are showing us the way to be the best versions of our selves, the best versions of human beings, and how to evolve to become even better.

untitled (49)Our possibilities for developing new capacities are actually LIMITLESS. Reread that sentence until you REALLY GET IT. Allow it to sink in. You literally can do or be, anything you put your mind to. That’s not a cliché, that is reality. And now we have the science to support this reality. Once you truly get this, you will transform in ways you didn’t even know you could. It is the most magical thing!

You will see things as you’ve never seen them before. You will hear things you didn’t even know where in your environment, and you will feel things so deeply you didn’t know you had such a range of emotion. And yet, it is not a torrent meant to engulf you. Far from it! It is an experience of serenity to be able to surrender to what is present, instead of living in the false movie created by your mind. And let me tell you the True Reel, is way better. Relationships are more clear and understandable. Conversations are easier and honest. The movement of emotion is fluid and free.

tree path

When I was completing my post-grad education, I believed with everything in me, that the thought fields and science fields needed to re-connect. That they are stronger together than they ever could be apart. This belief has continued to drive me to seek out the best methods for creating that experience of wholeness in everyone I connect with. Now I have the tools I need. The psychotherapy training that serves as the preparation, and the integration methodology and tools to put it all into tangible practice.

Did I really cheat on psychotherapy? No way! I added to it in ways that made it more whole, and now I can bring those same skills to you.

You know you’re ready. Take the next step. Activate your Brilliance.

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