Falling Apart or Falling Together?

Almost spring! Hurry it up Mother Nature… please… we are falling apart, or are we falling together?

For many, January was a really tough month, February was a drag through the snow. Now here we are, March-ing on.

The start of this year I saw the largest number of people committing to make change, hopeful and positive for a new start, determined to have a different experience of the year and then… life threw up on them.

Revelations about relationships meant big changes behind closed doors.  Illnesses that took people into rest & repair mode, meant a reprioritization of time. Unresolved debts being called for payment meant financial stress & reorganization.

And suddenly, all those awesome goals seemed so far out of reach.

While it may be no small comfort, that’s how growth and change happen.

When we decide to do something new, we are confronted with the barriers we put in our way that stopped us before. And when we’re not expecting those barriers they can stop us again, yes? Otherwise we’d already be, do or have what we want.

When an area of your life looks like it’s falling apart, it is actually in transition, yes? Or we wouldn’t experience the “chaos” because everything would be the same.

When it’s in transition, then a change has already happened, yes? If not, there wouldn’t be a transition.

And when a change has already happened, then the *shtuff* you have to deal with is actually the the new way, reforming in front of your eyes.

You are already on the other side of getting to your goals, the rest is just details! The hard “work” is done! You made the choice.

Congratulations! Now keep going.

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