Beware! Evolving may significantly change your health.


For the past couple years, I have been focusing my attention on living according to my intuition, trusting my inner guidance and following the flow of energy. While this has helped me tremendously, I have to say I’ve noticed some interesting side effects that might be more common than not.


Penney Peirce shared in her book, Frequency, that the vibration of the world is increasing, so naturally, our vibration is increasing as well. This process appears to be a natural part of our evolution as beings in this space and time. The interesting backlash to all untitled (35)this lovely higher vibrancy, is that our physiological systems are becoming intolerant to environmental elements that were previously in harmonious balance. Okay, well maybe not exactly harmonious balance, but we didn’t see the same sensitivities to the environment that we see now. Now I know that it is naïve to say that the increase in food allergies, respiratory illnesses, psychological maladies, and physiological diseases is a direct result of increasing vibrancy, but I do believe it is one part of the bigger picture.


It makes sense that if our bodies energetic frequency is faster and thus our vibrancy higher, then we won’t resonate with the same frequency of food or environment that we were previously accustomed to. Just like with relationships, we move on and grow apartimagesNU3JM682 from those who develop at a different pace or in a different direction from us, so too do we move on and grow apart from the foods we eat, the places we live, the jobs we do, the way we think and see the world. It seems however, that when we resist this change in vibrancy, or don’t adjust our circumstances appropriately, we become dis-eased in some way that requires us to up the ante in other areas that affect our being.


There are those who might say that ageing is a factor that affects these changes, the environmental degradation is to blame, and I certainly don’t exclude those factors as significant ones, but when I look at people who live long vibrant lives, they are excellent examples of beings who embrace growth and change.  Or, if we look at it a different way, they adapt their environment to their increase in frequency.


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We are literally not the same people we were 7 years ago. While most of my life reflects changes in my being, I am getting the blaring shout-outs from other areas of my life that require an increase in vibrancy as well. If this is something that you are experiencing, maybe even struggling with, I encourage you to explore opportunities to go with the flow, listen to your body, and intuition, and seek support on your journey. You never know how your world will evolve when you open up to the possibilities.

Here’s to vibrating higher with ease!

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