Are You in Industry Overwhelm? How do you know? How to stop it.


There is a terrible defeatist theme occurring for solo entrepreneurs and helping professionals, that has surfaced in this past week, that I have to expose.

In case you or someone you know is falling prey to this awful audio going on in their head, here are the symptoms:

  1.  Cloudy vision of their situation where there was once passion, and vibrancy
  2. Disempowerment, loss of confidence, or fueling the voice that tells them “Give Up, You’ll Never Make it.”
  3. Conversation focused on what the leading experts in their field are producing/saying/achieving.


There have been 4 completely separate conversations with different people that have begun, unsolicited by me, where each person expressed a sense of “not good enough”, “lack of confidence”, “don’t know enough”, as a reason they are holding themselves back from taking action on their goals, or even believing that their desires were worth pursing. It was so heart-wrenching to hear these brilliant people, in such a dark state of mind.

As the conversations progressed, I was inspired to ask each of them, in their various readings and exposure to content, networking and people in general, who/what was their focus?


Inevitably these focused, and determined individuals, were surrounding themselves with content, & people in their own field, in their own industries, and most often, those who were the top performers, the well known industry celebrities.


And who could blame them? We have been conditioned to follow those who have been successful in order to model them and repeat their success. It’s a brilliant system!

And in order to maintain sanity, it needs to be balanced.


Solo entrepreneurs who are building their businesses, or careers, often struggle to gain clientele and tend to spend a lot of time focusing on learning their craft, their business, filling their gaps instead of being in client rich environments.


Over time, with a focus on the industry accelerators, those who are doing exceptionally well, entrepreneurs can easily enter into industry overwhelm. This is where they eat, sleep and breathe their industry practices, business operations, content, etc., but end up feeling all those nasty things mentioned above.


When the “compare-itis” hits its max, these brilliant people actually begin to believe they’ll never make it. They lose their connection with the fact that not everyone in the world knows what they know, or has the skills that they have. All they focus on is that they are not as good as the people at the top of the industry.


So it’s a pretty big shock to these lovely folks, when they do finally have a conversation with someone outside their industry who, you guessed it, has no idea how to put a basic industry skill into place, or has never heard of this top industry person, program, or belief.

It shocks them back into the reality of,

“Hey, I actually know stuff, that others don’t!”, and reignites the passion of…


“Hey, people don’t know this, and it would make such a huge difference for them if they did!”


If this is you, or you know someone who is in this headspace, for the love of humanity, snap them out of it!


They are needed by people they don’t even know yet, and their uniqueness is required no matter how big or small their industry is. You know more than you think you do, and people need you to share it.

Next Steps:

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