A Life of Ease & Flow: 4 Steps to Make it Happen

I know, just like you know, that it isn’t ideal to compare ourselves to those other women who seem to have this life of ease and flow thing all figured out, but it’s kind of hard not to. The beautiful pictures/videos of successful entrepreneurs in great clothes, doing activities with their beautiful children, going on dates with their husbands, and living in these pristine clean ideally decorated homes.

Life looks like a magazine (whether it is or not is another story) and we can use these visuals to set a standard for ourselves that isn’t created by us or for us.

So what does it really mean to desire this type of life?

When I connect with women about what it is that these ideal magazine lives truly represent for them, inevitably I hear… “I just want a life of ease and flow and I guess that’s what it looks like.”

Breaking down a life of ease and flow even further with each woman reveals that it isn’t actually the material elements of the visual that appeals to them, it’s something deeper.

There is a desire for life activities to “feel” smooth and easy. There’s a longing for peace in their relationships in the family and work or business. There’s an urge to feel the freedom to choose how to spend their time without incessant demands or “have tos” looming over them. This ideal lifestyle is a vibe from the deep core of their being, not some selfish consumer based posing on the surface.

What successful women are learning is how to create a life where they are able to meet all of their core human needs. Those needs include being productive and contributing to the outer world as much as resourcing and finding harmony in their personal world. They want the inner world and the outer world to mirror each other in congruence and alignment. Women want their values to be visible, for people to know them and to understand them. They have immense hearts, they are learning too, and they are good people.

What does it take to create a life of ease and flow? 4 Key Steps

1) Acknowledge That A Life of Ease & Flow Doesn’t Just Happen By Wishing For It.

We live in a co-creatorship world. Everything we have in life we contributed to bringing it into being in some way. Creating an ideal life also requires recognition and active participation in deciding what you want in your life and making choices that support creating your life in that way. Choose what you want, make choices that support that outcome.

2) Integrate Your Past, Your Origin, Your History.

Without your past you wouldn’t have been able to become who you are. For some of us, we would rather forget the past ever happened. Whether you like it or not, your past does impact your present, and will continue to impact your future. Any blocks, loops, or repetitive behaviours that you just can’t shake, are slowing you down. If you avoid looking at how the past is affecting you, you are denying an aspect of who you are. When a part of you isn’t integrated, that part can end up acting like a literal drag on your energy. The sooner you make peace with it, the easier the flow will become.

3) Give yourself permission to take the Path of Least Resistance.

High achieving women, let’s be honest, we make it harder on ourselves than it needs to be. There’s something inside that needs to be convinced that you are legitimately successful. Your success wasn’t just a fluke or a flash in the pan. More often than not you are trying to prove to someone else (ahem, parent) that you ARE GOOD ENOUGH. So to really nail that point home, you make the road as hard as possible so that no one can come back at you with doubt. You really did it & you did it “the right” way.

My karate sensei used to complete our classes with the parting, “Be as hard as the world forces you to be and as soft as the world allows you to be.” Essentially, giving us permission to be soft when we can be, and hard where it is important. Or in my interpretation, let it be easy where it naturally can be easy, so you can go with the flow.

4) Growth & Adaptation Are Continually Required.

A life of ease & flow is not a one and done. You don’t get to simply set it and forget it like a crockpot. Here’s the thing. When you create a life of ease & flow you make more room to receive opportunity, resources, & connections, love, joy & harmony. When you receive more, you naturally have more to give & contribute. So, you get to continually choose how to navigate the interchange of your life flow. And you must choose or you will create new blocks or barriers which will disrupt the ease & flow you had already created. You must consciously maintain the ease & flow you create.

And remember, momentum/flow, takes more energy to begin, than it does to maintain. Being aware of where you are in the process of flow informs you of when to push, and where you can coast.

Using the Best Tools for the Job

At each step there will be certain tools that will work better for you than others. For example for Step 1, affirmations, visualization and boundary setting might be your best options for making decisions. When you’re at Step 2, working with a therapist, coach, or program of some sort might work best to integrate the past. Steps 3 & 4 you might be using a combination of strategies.

The most important thing is that you get started. Stop beating yourself up in your mind for not having the life you want to have, and redirect that energy into doing something that will bring you closer to that life. Anyone can create a life of ease & flow and if you truly want to do that, then you will.

If you want some help with mapping out your plan to shift your life, or navigate a particular step in the creation process, let’s chat. Book a consultation call HERE and let’s get going. It may be easier and simpler than you even imagined!