5 Steps to Manifesting, Tomatoes?

Have you ever made a decision that seemed benign, maybe it had been a big stressful one or simply a decision in passing, but the moment you made it, the world stood still?

It seems that these types of decision experiences happen for me more and more as my work with knowing myself continues to deepen. (Oh yes, I’m always doing my work as I guide others in theirs).

This decision experience is a BIG one because it connects with what I’ve learned about manifesting and co-creating with the universe.

My dear friend Pam and I noticed this pattern a few years ago in a way that we could name it. We call it “Tomatoes”.

The phenomenon had happened several times before, but I hadn’t been really present to it until this occurrence. This particular event catalyzed a deep dive into the mechanics of manifesting that helped us identify HOW to manifest through a repeatable predictable system on purpose.

Okay, so Tomatoes came about like this…

My husband and I had just planted our veggie garden for the season. I had planned out our rows, and companion planting, and all the good stuff for a successful growing season. I looked at our row of tomato plants and noticed that I was a plant short in that row. In that moment I thought “it would have been nice to have another tomato plant for that spot.”

In that moment, it was as though everything around me paused in a frozen still picture, but I was still “moving”. Time stopped, there was no sound, no emotion inside me, everything paused. Then in the next moment, movement continued as if nothing had happened.

It was as fast as a heartbeat, but felt like somehow there had been a life altering something that had happened that I couldn’t possibly know more about yet. You know how in Star Wars Obi Wan says “I sense a disturbance in the force”? Yeah, it was like that. A glitch in the matrix of energy.

I noted the experience as in, “well that was interesting…” and carried on with our day.

We were expecting my sister in law to stop by for a visit so had to wash up.

A couple of hours later, having put the whole garden incident aside, we were ready for my sister in law’s visit. When I opened the door to greet her, there she stood with a brand new tomato plant for my garden.


Immediately I started in with the questions. (And by the way, she gets my energetic awesomeness and is my soul sister so she totally understood what followed.)

“Did my husband call you and ask you to bring a tomato plant?” “No”.

“Had I mentioned to you that we were planting the garden today?” “No”.

“So what made you decide to bring me a tomato plant?” “I just had this feeling that I wanted to bring you a tomato plant”.

“When exactly did you have this feeling?”

I’m sure you know what happened next…

She said that if she had to say when she had the idea/feeling to bring the tomato plant, it was about the same time that we had finished the garden. Right when I had looked at the row of tomatoes and thought about adding another plant!!!

WOW universe, not too subtle!!!!

I was blown away by this clear, overt, in my face example of manifesting correlations.

The questions flooded my mind.

Did I create that?

Had I somehow tapped into the energy matrix in that moment in the garden to bring me this tomato plant?

Or was it the other way around?

Did she have the thought about the plant and it connected back to me about choosing to want another plant?

Had I blocked out getting another plant at the store so that this experience could happen?

What does this mean about manifesting, the universe, connectivity with our people, telepathic communication, life itself!?!?!?!?

On my phone chat with Pam the next day we dissected the process that I had gone through in the garden. We set out on a mission to understand what was within my control to alter in a given moment of choice, while holding it up against what we had both learned over our combined years of extensive work with mindset, co-creation, energetics & spirituality, that could result in manifesting so quickly.

Phenomenon “Tomatoes” had been activated.

In a nutshell, here’s what we uncovered.

When you are in the space of all things being possible, yet nothing currently existing, the place that is no-place, no-time, no-thing, while being all places, all times, and all things, there is a neutrality you will feel inside your being. A pause of the soul’s knowingness maybe…

Dr. Joe Dispenza, Deepak Chopra, and many others speak about getting to this space of being through meditation, hypnosis and other methods of altered states of consciousness, because it is an altered state of consciousness.

Within that state what you choose, think, desire, that is in alignment with your core truth, is in the best and highest good for any and all who may be connected to the choice, becomes manifest and arrives into your reality. Here’s how to get this to work for you…

Step #1: Get thyself into neutral mode as often as possible. Practice it, live in it, love it.

Step #2: Be radically honest with yourself about what you truly do desire, versus what you believe you should desire.

Step #3: Consciously connect with the truth that your actions are the result of your thoughts and feelings, so do the things that are aligned with #2.

Step #4: Expect with faith that what you desire is on its way to you.


Now go forth and manifest your awesomeness, even if what you truly desire are Tomatoes! LoL

Struggling to find materialize tomatoes or anything else in your world?

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