5 Steps for Living the Life You’ve Imagined!

Maldives Palm Tree facebook timeline cover 849 X 312 Nature/Shores,Travel,water,ocean,Sand,wasser,meer,Island,tree,palmen,Palm,insel,Maldives,malediven,palmeLive the Live You’ve Imagined. Seems like a fantastic sentiment. I wish it was that easy to do. But the reality is that most often we end up living a life that we haven’t imagined, but hoped to avoid, in an effort to create a life that other people have imagined or even achieved.


So where do we start imagining a life for ourselves? Is that even possible? From the time we are born, people begin to project their expectations, understandings, hopes, and fears onto us. We become an amalgamation of those, with a little bit of our own way tossed in the mix for good measure. How many of us actually fulfill our potential for what we could become? How many of us can integrate that which we have been told we are with who we want to be, if we even know who thatrich life is? It is the challenge of life.


We have been misled to believe that life is the struggle, but it is actually the easy part. It is the human way, which has created struggle. Through our vices and egoic urgings that we have inappropriately applied to our daily tasks, we have lost sight of our amazing ability to create the life we imagine, if we can even remember how to use our imaginations in the first place. And don’t get me wrong, I’m as trapped in this conundrum as anyone else may be, which is why this topic spurs my fire.


If you want to begin to “Live the life you’ve imagined” here are 5 steps to get you started, that I’ve found helpful so far. Maybe they will help you too!

1. Be honest with yourself.
Is that big house, fancy car, or expensive wardrobe something that actually resonates with you? Or is it something the media programmed you to believe you “should” want? To figure this out listen to your heart, or feel in your body which feels lighter, moving towards these things, or away from them?

2. Explore your curiosities (as long as they don’t hurt you or other people!). So you’ve always wanted to know what it’s like to be a baker, a wilderness guide, or a stay at home mom; explore these ideas. Talk to people who do those things, or spend the day with them. Then, check in with how you feel. Do you feel invigorated and enthusiastic, or deflated and drained?

3. ┬áKeep going! If the things you thought would energize you don’t, please don’t give up, be open to what you learn from that investigation to fuel the next part of your search. Go with what feels inspiring and energizing. This will lead you to those aspects of life you want to engage and integrate into your experience.

4. Relax into creating your life. When we feel anxious, worried, or stressed, we constrict the flow of good vibes that we are after. Remember that we have a whole lifetime to live so keep your heart open to the process even if it doesn’t happen on your preferred schedule.

5. Share your enthusiasm and vision. Talk to people about what you are imagesC983RRCPdiscovering about yourself. Creating is so much more fun when it is shared, both the challenging parts and the rewards. Besides, you never know who will pop up along the way to help you achieve your dream life if you don’t tell people about it. Guidance and support can come from the most surprising places because the universe is amazing like that!


Wishing you all, the best life you can imagine!

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