After working this hard, and achieving this much, feeling empty means something is off...

You have degrees, certifications, and a track record of guiding others to create success... but it isn't enough.

There's something inside of you that wants your attention. Call it intuition, call it knowing, whatever it is, it wants you to be more. There's something inside you that knows you can live more fully, but you aren't sure how to make that happen.

You know it's time to take a deeper dive into your heart, to listen to the whispers of your spirit and be honest about what you want out of life.

Time is slipping by and you've waited long enough to fully live. But those old thoughts about being approved of, being good enough, or being accepted stop you. That internal coding you still have tells you it isn't safe to have it all, or to make the choices that deep down you know you need to make to become fulfilled.

That's why I'm here.

To guide you out of the spin of your thoughts and worries, provide perspective on the patterns you're running, and teach you how to change them.

You Can Trust Yourself, Know You Are Enough, & Live Life Fully. 

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"One conversation with Kimberly and I immediately saw myself in a different light!" A.N., CA

Choose Your Experience

  • Multidimensional Growth

    You are a holistically minded being who knows that your challenges are connected to what you think, feel, believe & do. 

    Whether it's your emotions, your relationships, or how you see yourself, my unique combination of therapeutic skills can help you become more of who you want to be, who you actually are.

    ***Not Currently Accepting New Clients***

  • Rewire Your Anxiety Reactions

    If Anxiety is an experience you have trouble managing, whether because of historical trauma or recent events, you can change that relationship from within. This program is only for women who are ready to drop all associations to the "Anxious Identity"

    ***Not Currently Accepting New Clients***

  • A Coach in Your Pocket

    You're running your practice or your business and you've got some goals. You don't need a big process, but some accountability, a cheerleader or sounding board for ideas without the hassle of booking "sessions". This 6 month program is just what you're looking for...

    *** Not Currently Accepting New Clients***

"I didn't realize how different my needs were from how my life was set up, but when I did, everything changed!" ~ K.M., CA
Knowing who you've become is the Key to Fulfilling your potential in this life...
When you started this journey, you had a dream. Maybe it was to create freedom in your life, or to create stability, maybe to revolutionize your profession, or the world at large.
Consequently, you evolved. You gained and you lost in every area of your life.
Yet now that you are at a certain level of success some tricky feelings are coming up. Your business coach can't help you; Your mentor might know what it's like, but can't really advise you; Although your other advisors are ready to support you in stepping into your next level, you're stuck.
Feeling empty, hollow, or even anxious, undeserving with a need to keep striving so you'll finally be "good enough" is a sign that something is off.
This is definitely not how you thought success would feel.
As a result of this growth, if you don't take the time to update your new ways of seeing yourself, owning who you have become, and upleveling your vision for your whole life, you can reach the top and forget what it was for, what it meant to you, who you are now or who you'll be next.
Meanwhile, you're left grasping for the next thing to do...
You can and should be able to enjoy the success of your hard work . . . 
that's why you're here.

My Passion is to Uplevel Professional Entrepreneurial Women to a High Sustainable Resonance, grounded in their definition of success!

I have been working with and studying women's patterns and ways of being my entire career because I am on a mission...

That mission is to guide as many women as possible to powerfully lead their lives through becoming their whole, true self inside and out, to reach their version of a success-full life.

In my 15+ years as a psychotherapist, coach, and trainer, I have honed my skills and my personal experience to join arms with women who take action, who want it all in life so they can make the impact and enjoy it at the end of the day. This is how we become ActivatedTM 


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"Talking with Kimberly was like speaking with a magical wizard that I never knew I needed!"  ~ A.S., CA

Previous Uplevel Outcomes

*Transition from hustle hard to confident ceo
*from agitation & urgency to enjoying the quiet of the outdoors
*release of loss during climb to success
*Identity Now & Identity Evolution
*Presence with partner/children
*Flow of Focus between All Life Categories
*Re-connecting with inspiration for next level growth
It's Time To Step Into Your Success

You can experience the satisfaction and contentment from your achievements when you accept who you are now.
Know thyself.