Welcome to Activated Global Inc.

I'm here to empower visionary, mission driven entrepreneurial women,
to get out of overwhelm and indecision by making sense of their thoughts, feeling and actions,
so that they can trust their skills, experience & intuition, own their value, and have the confidence to
freely create the life they truly desire.

As a result of customized pattern centered coaching, relational mentoring, &  integrative science based experiences, you'll achieve mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual alignment to create the life of freedom you envision.

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I have been working with and studying women's patterns & experiences my entire career because I am on a mission...

That mission is to guide as many women as possible on the forefront of raising consciousness and transforming our world, to remember how to powerfully create their visions.

In my 12+ years as a psychotherapist, coach, and trainer, I've combined my skills & experience with my passion for facilitating transformative "AHA" moments for professionals who are on the forefront of this re-evolution.

I'm here to help you Make Sense of your thoughts, feelings & actions, so you can help others. This is how we all become ActivatedTM 

Let's do this together!

Slide A dream that is not understood remains a mere occurrance;
understood it becomes a living experience
~ Carl Jung

I'm in Your corner to...

  • Remind you how powerful you are when you're playing small

  • Reconnect you to your internal guide when you feel lost

  • Reintroduce you to your soulful side you thought you buried

  • So you can embrace all of you, Mind, Body, Heart & Soul

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As a Like Minded Female Colleague and Entrepreneur

We both know you are intelligent, trained and skilled to work with Other people.

You know that you are already perfectly wired for the life you lived in the past and that it doesn't match your present.

And you likely even have tools to rewire your patterns, but need some help or want someone to walk through it with you.

That's why I'm here. To guide you back inside so you can look, listen and feel what's happening on the inside and take back control of you, your life and your dreams!

Freedom from historical blocks and limiting beliefs
Transformation of self doubt & imposter feelings
Reduction of physical aches, pains and illness
Clarity of next steps in relationships & business
Trust in their energetic, intuitive & spiritual skills
Empowerment to realize their vision through inspired action!

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