After working this hard, and achieving this much, feeling empty means something is off...

I'm Kimberly Pereira, and as a psychotherapist and repatterning coach for 15 years specializing in the needs of high achieving, professional, entrepreneurial women, my purpose is to help you fill that agitating emptiness inside, so you can live your own version of Success.

  • You are a woman who has worked hard, made sacrifices and made it happen to reach this level of success. But now that you're here you can't seem to enjoy it.
  • There's an urgent agitation under the surface that tells you "keep going, if you don't work harder, this could all disappear"
      • Anxiety has started to creep in about letting your team or the systems you've worked so hard to put in place, do what they do... without you.
          • You know the value of mindset and mental wellness, you practice the self care stuff, but this sensation inside isn't going away. You need something more.

              "One conversation with Kimberly and I immediately saw myself in a different light!" A.N., CA

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              Choose Your Experience

              •  Define YOUR SUCCESS

                If you have hit your first success marker (new house, revunue/income goal, hired help, etc.) & feel undeserving, worry the success will disappear, or not "good enough" yet to own the title of Successful.

                We'll help you to step into your success with both feet!

              • Feel the Success

                You're comfortable and adept at mindset work & this isn't your first success milestone rodeo, but for some reason, you're just not feeling good or even great at this level of achievement.

                We'll pinpoint the block and create an actionable plan so you can Feel Success-Full.

              • Clear the Success Path

                Blocks in your personal, management, or leadership relationships, miscommunications everywhere, personal or business progression blocks leaving you feeling stuck & spinning.

                We'll find the blocks halting your overall success & help clear the path to your next level.

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              "I didn't realize how different my needs were from how my life was set up, but when I did, everything changed!" ~ K.M., CA

              Being Yourself is Everything...   

              When you started this journey, you had a dream. Maybe it was to create freedom in your life, or to create stability, maybe to revolutionize your profession, or the world at large.

              To fulfill that dream you educated yourself, you grew, you experienced, you became a version of yourself that was capable of creating a successful business, a successful career, family, a success-full life.

              Along the way, you had to change how you behaved, how you thought, and even how you felt. There were people you met, people you loved, and people you lost or had to move on from. You've made easy no-brainer decisions, and you've made some tough sleepless night decisions.

              Now that you are starting to experience the success of all that skill, hustle, and passion, some tricky feelings are coming up. Your business coach can't help you with them; Your mentor might know what it's like, but can't really advise you on what steps to take; Your other advisors are ready to support you in stepping into your next level, but you're stuck.

              You might feel kind of empty or hollow, or even anxious, undeserving and feel the push to keep striving so you'll finally be "good enough".

              However those feelings are showing up, this is definitely not how you thought success would feel.

              Everything you create, build, achieve or manifest in your world is a result of who you became in order to get there. There were skills you learned, habits and systems you changed, and big parts of you that had to grow to reach this level of success.

              But if you don't take the time to update your new ways of seeing yourself, owning who you have become, and upleveling your vision for your whole life, you can reach the top and forget what it was for, what it meant to you, who you are now or who you'll be next.

              And you're left feeling hollow, lost, or grasping for the next thing to do...

              YOu can and should be able to enjoy the success of your hard work . . .  and I can help you do that.

              Here's Why I Help...

              I have been working with and studying women's patterns and ways of being my entire career because I am on a mission...

              That mission is to guide as many women as possible to powerfully lead their lives through becoming their whole, true self inside and out, to reach their version of a success-full life.

              In my 15+ years as a psychotherapist, coach, and trainer, I have honed my skills and my personal experience to help women like you re-connect with & amplify who you are so that you can live the life of your dreams. This is how we all become ActivatedTM 

              Let's do this together!


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              "Talking with Kimberly was like speaking with a magical wizard that I never knew I needed!"  ~ A.S., CA

              A Sampling of Previous Client Results

              *Transition from hustle hard to confident ceo
              *from agitation & urgency to enjoying the quiet of the outdoors
              *release of loss during climb to success
              *Understanding Who They Are Now & Who They Want to Be Next
              *Presence with partner/children
              *Taking time off from their business for vacation
              *Re-connecting with inspiration for next level growth
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              "I got more out of a 15 minute conversation with Kimberly than I did a 90 minute session with a different coach." ~ M.S., UK

              You can experience the satisfaction and contentment from your achievements when you accept who you are now.
              Know thyself.