Welcome to Activated Global Inc.

"I mentor visionary women to break free from their past so they can have the confidence to create the future they truly desire."

  • Are you a woman who has big dreams for your future but is trapped by the same feelings, thoughts and behaviours from the past
  • Do you get stuck in emotion cycles, thought loops, and repetitive behaviours continually asking yourself why you do this even though you "know" better?
      • You want to be fully alive but you find yourself pulled in so many directions that you can't find your way to even start.

          "I didn't know I could be this excited about my life!" C.L., CA

          Here's How I Can Help...

          I have been working with and studying women's patterns & experiences my entire career because I am on a mission...

          That mission is to guide as many women as possible on the forefront of raising consciousness and transforming our world, to remember how to powerfully create their visions.

          In my 12+ years as a psychotherapist, coach, and trainer, I've combined my skills & experience with my passion for facilitating transformative "AHA" moments for professionals who are on the forefront of this re-evolution.

          I'm here to help you Make Sense of your thoughts, feelings & actions, so you can help others. This is how we all become ActivatedTM 

          Let's do this together!

          More About Me

          "It was so refreshing to have someone  I could talk to about my self without feeling like everything was my fault." ~ C.T., CA

          I Can Help You Break Free...

          Free from those lingering feelings, repetitive thoughts, and annoying behaviours that stop you from moving forward with Confidence. Here's what to expect.

          • MAKE SENSE OF YOU
            From confused and overwhelmed, we will pinpoint the key experiences, patterns, and root sources that contribute to who you are today. Understand how you are wired.
            From trapped by your past, you will finally experience relief from that previously elusive closure on past experiences that just won't leave you alone.
            Design your future according to your vision of who you want to be and hardwire your path to living as your whole self with strategies that are simple, easy, and fulfilling.
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          "Talking with Kimberly was like speaking with a magical wizard that I never knew I needed!"  ~ A.S., CA

          *Freedom from historical blocks and limiting beliefs
          *Transformation of self doubt & imposter feelings
          *Reduction of physical aches, pains and illness
          *Clarity of next steps in relationships & business
          *Trust in their energetic, intuitive & spiritual skills
          *Empowerment to realize their vision through inspired action!

          "You can be free of those things you feel, and think about.  Find confidence through knowing who you truly are and become who you envision yourself to be."