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"I mentor intelligent professional women to create & rewire their patterns according to who they want to be so they can create the life they know they are meant to live."

  • You are a woman who has a big heart and cares deeply for the people in your world, sometimes more than yourself
  • You know there's a piece of yourself that you keep locked down, hidden, and don't share with anyone, even though you know it's holding you back in dissatisfaction
      • You feel like you have so much more inside you, while at the same time feeling guilty that you're not happy with the life you have now
      • You are sick and tired of always searching for "the thing" that will make a difference, and never finding it

          "One conversation with Kimberly and I immediately saw myself in a different light!" A.N., CA

          Being Yourself is Everything...   

          You are constantly you, regardless of what you do.

          Everything you create, manifest, achieve in your world is a result of who you are in order to get there.

          But what if you've only been acting with part of yourself in action. There are parts of you that you don't let out to play, and no one knows about. The hidden parts. Because if anyone knew the "real you" there would be judgement and ultimately you'd be a rejected failure.

          But that's just the lie you've told yourself to stay safe.

          And the truth is, you don't need that lie anymore.

          You are ready to face yourself, Be Bold, Be Courageous, BE YOU!!!

           Everything we do in the ActivatedTM Programs takes an inside-out approach. 

          Here's what to expect...


            We will pinpoint the key experiences, patterns, and root sources that contribute to who you are now.

          • COMPLETE & CLEAR

            Complete unfinished patterns, identify your deep needs, hone your vision of your self and develop your actionable plan.


            Rewire your strategies, both internally & externally. Learn skills & patterns to amplify your presence as woman in the lead of your life.

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          "I didn't realize how different my needs were from how my life was set up, but when I did, everything changed!" ~ K.M., CA

          Here's Why I Help...

          I have been working with and studying women's internal & external communication patterns my entire career because I am on a mission...

          That mission is to guide as many women as possible to powerfully lead their lives through becoming their whole, true self inside and out.

          In my 15+ years as a psychotherapist, coach, and trainer, I've held a lot of different roles for women and know the value of keeping my own true north.

          I'm here to help you re-connect & amplify who you are so that you can lead yourself and others to live the life of their dreams. This is how we all become ActivatedTM 

          Let's do this together!

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          "Talking with Kimberly was like speaking with a magical wizard that I never knew I needed!"  ~ A.S., CA

          *Freedom from indecision
          *Knowing how they communicate & process information
          *Mastery over their own thoughts, feelings & communication

          *Deeper Understanding, Connection & Communication with Others
          *Trust in their energetic, intuitive perception
          *Ownership of their personal power to manifest their dream life
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          "I got more out of a 15 minute conversation with Kimberly than I did a 90 minute session with a different coach." ~ M.S., UK

          "You can be free of those fears of who you truly are. Find confidence through being your whole self, out in the open, free to be who you envision yourself to be."